In addition to Just Facts' comprehensive issue-based research, we carry out other initiatives to keep our readers informed of current affairs. Our Standards of Credibility do not apply to these initiatives because a pure-fact approach would make the content lengthy and difficult to follow. However, we still stand behind all of this research as being fully accurate and informative of big picture realities, not like the politicized rhetoric that permeates mass media.


  The Fact App


The Fact App is a quick and effective way to expand your knowledge of important issues and to share this information with others. In less than a minute a day, this internet and smart phone application equips you with facts to help you make truly informed decisions. Moreover, it allows you to easily share these facts with your friends and colleagues.

For more details about this powerful tool, go to the Fact App.


 Just Facts Daily


Just Facts Daily is a website dedicated to providing crisp, factual analyses of recent news and current events. Here on our main website at, we publish extensive research on major policy issues, but at, we sort fact from fiction among the constant torrent of news reports, commentaries, and political pronouncements.

For factual insights about the latest news, go to Just Facts Daily.


 Exclusive News Service


Through our Exclusive News Service, Just Facts brings you articles based upon unique information uncovered while performing our issue-based research. We only publish these articles sporadically, but when we do so, it often makes a splash, as evidenced by the citations and high search engine rankings that most of these articles have garnered.


For exclusive articles, go to  Exclusive News Service.


 Just Facts Radio


During 2010 and 2011, Just Facts aired a radio show focused on hard facts about the pressing issues of our time. Co-hosts Jim Agresti and Steve Cardone dissected the latest news, interviewed special guests, and welcomed callersall while bringing verifiable facts to the forefront of public policy issues. We have tabled this initiative to dedicate resources to Just Facts Daily, but all of the episodes are still archived and contain a wealth of highly relevant facts that you won't find on any other radio or television program.


For fact-intense radio programming, go to Just Facts Radio.



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