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What If?

What if you could help shift public opinion from views rooted in misinformation to views rooted in fact?

What if you could help rescue volatile issues like gun control, Social Security, and the national debt from the grasp of political spin?

What if a vehicle for realizing this were already in place and achieving impact?

We are Just Facts, and we have worked hard to create this vehicle, fine-tune it, and set it in motion. Now, we ask you to help us accelerate it. 

The Problem

Public policy issues are widely covered in all forms of media, but personal viewpoints and agendas seep deeply into this coverage and distort reality. Hence, the public becomes opinionated while often failing to become informed. Why does this matter? Let’s face it. We live in an interconnected society in which others’ decisions impact us, our families, our businesses, our communities, and our futures.

Compounding this problem is a continual onslaught of partisan rhetoric that fills the void created by a lack of substantive information. Absent facts and critical thinking, public discourse is often reduced to hollow talking points, half-truths, and blatant falsehoods.

Time to change the game? We think so. 

The Solution

The antidote to this problem is a trustworthy and comprehensive source of public policy facts. This is the purpose of Just Facts, and millions of students, educators, researchers, voters, journalists, and legislators from across the political spectrum have accessed the research we publish.

Through an intense commitment to honesty and quality, we are working to make Just Facts the first name people think of when they need the unvarnished truth about a policy issue. This will empower them to make genuinely informed decisions, which benefits everyone by producing a more educated, free, productive, and civil society.

Self-government cannot thrive without informed citizens, and informed citizens are what Just Facts creates. Thus, we ask all forward-thinking individuals and organizations to help us inform more people with more facts.

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Just Facts, Inc.

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