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The Border Is Less Secure Than Ever, and the Implications Are Deadly

Objective measures of border security (like gotaways and border-crossing deaths) show that the U.S. border is less secure than ever recorded, and the consequences are far-reaching and lethal.


Electric Car Canards

Contrary to California Governor Gavin Newsom and others who are forcing people into electric cars, they are NOT zero-emission vehicles, may emit more toxic pollutants than conventional cars, and can financially harm people.


Every New Human Life Begins at Fertilization

Politics aside, the facts of science leave no doubt about when every new human life begins.


Do Covid-19 Vaccines Save More Lives Than They Take?

Contrary to political dogma, Pfizer‘s “gold standard” study of its Covid-19 vaccine found no evidence that the vaccine saves more lives than it costs. These earth-shaking results were buried 23 pages into the FDA‘s approval summary for the vaccine.


Maximum Facts About the Minimum Wage

By failing to report the harms of raising the minimum wage while exaggerating the benefits, media outlets are leading voters and policymakers to make uninformed decisions that could harm a lot of people.


Beware of the Fact Checkers

Just Facts president Jim Agresti reviews 3 crystal-clear cases where so-called “fact checkers” have spread blatant falsehoods. Do you notice the common thread between them?


The Primary Purpose of Government is Protecting Life, Liberty & Property

Some people believe that government is not responsible for protecting people’s life, liberty, or property. In reality, the Declaration of Independence, the father of the Constitution, the main author of the 14th Amendment, and the Supreme Court have made it crystal clear that protecting these rights is the main purpose of government and the very reason for its existence.


Climate Change Fears of Teen Activist Are Empirically Baseless

Contrary to forecasts of doom, crystal-clear science shows that a broad range of outcomes related to climate change have stayed level or improved for the past 30 years.


What Makes the U.S. Constitution Exceptional?

By melding the principle of “government by the people” with strong checks against mob rule, the founders of the U.S. produced what is now the longest-standing constitution of all nations in the world.


The Poorest 20% of Americans Are Richer on Average Than Most Nations of Europe

Contrary to a New York Times video that claims the U.S. poverty rate is “closer to Mexico than Western Europe,” the poorest 20% of Americans consume more goods and services than the national averages for all people in most European countries.


Outbreaks of Deadly Insect-Borne Diseases Accord with DDT Reductions, Not Global Warming

Populations of disease-carrying insects have skyrocketed, and the media and environmentalists are blaming climate change. In reality, these surges have occurred in the places and at the times that DDT concentrations have decreased.


In America, Women and Men Receive Equal Pay for Equal Work

A common claim of the media and politicians is that men and women don’t receive equal pay for equal work. Numerous facts prove that is untrue.


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