In addition to Just Facts’ core research, we carry out other initiatives to educate the public about current issues, debunk common misinformation, and teach vital research skills.


Just Facts launched “In Fact” to cut through the torrent of deceit that infests public discourse. These short, hard-hitting facts quickly refute propaganda spread by influential people in the fast-paced environment of social media.


We post the facts on a daily basis to Facebook and Twitter, but these platforms typically show each post to a small fraction of our followers. So if you want to reliably receive the facts, sign up for our weekly email or visit our Just Facts Daily website once a day.

There is a dangerous trend in the U.S. education system: students are being taught what to think instead of how to think. Just Facts Academy addresses this problem by teaching the research skills needed to separate fact from fiction. This resource features engaging videos and “Genius Notes” presented on a high-tech website.

To access this game-changing resource, go to Just Facts Academy.

Just Facts News publishes short professional newscasts that correct falsehoods and half-truths on major network news shows. If you watch the evening news but realize these shows are not always accurate or candid, this is the perfect supplement.

For the latest and most popular newscasts, go to Just Facts News.

Our Just Facts Daily articles provide factual analyses of controversial news and current events. By adhering to exacting Standards of Credibility, we dissect falsehoods propagated by media outlets, politicians, activists, and so-called fact checkers. If you want a full and accurate understanding of reality, this is the place to get it.

For genuine facts about current controversies and events, go to Just Facts Daily.

The Fact App is a quick and effective way to expand your knowledge of important issues and to share this information with others. In less than a minute a day, this internet widget and smart phone application empowers you with facts to help you make truly informed decisions. It also makes it easy to share these facts with friends and colleagues.

For more details about this powerful tool, go to the Fact App.

Our Just Facts Videos initiative produces entertaining videos designed to serve people with a basic interest in public policy. The distinguishing feature of these videos is that they are rigorously documented with credible, primary sources. Unlike most public policy videos, every key fact is substantiated with enough hard data to convince any open-minded person of its truthfulness.

For videos with substance and style, check out Just Facts Videos.

To scientifically determine what voters understand and misunderstand about public policy issues, Just Facts commissions an academic research firm to conduct a unique nationally representative survey. Besides being incredibly interesting, this research empowers voters to pinpoint the issues on which they are most and least informed.

For the latest Surveys of Voter Knowledge, visit here and here.

Just Facts unveils some of our cutting-edge original research through our Exclusive News Service. We only publish these articles sporadically, but when we do so, they often make a splash, as evidenced by the many citations that most of these articles have garnered.


For exclusive articles, go to Exclusive News Service.


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