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National Debt Voter Registration by Non-Citizens

Based on the latest data and an enhanced version of a stress-tested methodology from a scholarly journal, about 10% to 27% of non-citizen adults in the U.S. are now illegally registered to vote. These rates are potentially high enough to overturn the will of the American people in major elections.

National Debt National Debt

Slice through the partisan rhetoric that clouds the heated debate about the national debt by consulting Just Facts’ research on this issue. Documented with primary sources such as the U.S. Treasury Department and the Financial Accounting Standards Board, this research provides voters, lawmakers, and policy analysts with data that is critical to understanding this important matter.

Monetary Policy Monetary Policy

Everyone uses money, and monetary policy influences the value of that money for borrowers, lenders, savers, and spenders alike. Just Facts has produced research to illuminate this complicated issue in clear, simple terms. These facts walk you through the evolution of money from seashells to Bitcoin and answer vexing questions about the Federal Reserve, inflation, exchange rates, and other topics.

Income, Wealth & Poverty Income, Wealth & Poverty

Just Facts has completed a massive research project on income, wealth, and poverty to empower you with crucial facts about life-changing economic issues. These facts speak to vital questions like: How are poor, middle income, and wealthy Americans faring? What is the gender wage gap? How does government spending and corruption financially impact you? How do U.S. living standards stack up against the rest of the world?

justFacts Sex Trafficking

This research may shock, sadden, or infuriate you, but most importantly, it will equip you with information that you can use to inform yourself and others about the crime of sex trafficking. Knowledge is power, and whether you are a private citizen or law enforcement professional, this knowledge may help you save someone from cruel and unrelenting abuse.

Immigration Immigration

Immigration is a defining element of the United States, but political agendas, media bias, and personal passions have sown a minefield of misinformation around this issue. That’s where Just Facts steps in. This expansive research will help you become genuinely informed about a subject that has high stakes for America and people throughout the world.

Energy Energy

The topic of energy is incredibly wide-ranging and intricate, but Just Facts has condensed reams of data on oil, solar, natural gas, biofuels, coal, wind, and other energy sources to help you develop practical knowledge about them. This research will empower you to discover the pros and cons of different forms of energy and to understand the effects of energy policies on everyday people.

Survey of Voter Knowledge Survey of Voter Knowledge

If there is truth in James Madison’s warning that an uninformed electorate would be a grave threat to the nation, a scientific survey commissioned by Just Facts shows that the U.S. may be in deep trouble. This unique assessment measured voters’ knowledge of issues that tangibly affect their lives, and it found that many voters may be casting ballots based on warped notions of reality.

Education Education

The Greek philosopher Epictetus said that “only the educated are free,” and Booker T. Washington trusted in “the power and influence” of facts. Just Facts has united both of these precepts in its research on education. Learn about the tangible outcomes and costs of preschool, K-12 education, higher education, and initiatives like Common Core, school choice, and digital learning.

Gun Control Gun Control

Does increased government control of firearms lead to a more civilized, less violent society; or does it leave law-abiding citizens at the mercy of violent criminals? Is the Second Amendment applicable to citizens or only to the National Guard? Do we need stricter gun control laws or more enforcement of existing laws? Examine this large collection of facts that speak to these important questions.

Masks Masks

Despite the fog of contradictory claims and changing government guidelines about masks, dozens of scientific journals have published remarkably consistent data about this issue. However, government officials and big tech executives have repeatedly corrupted and suppressed such data. The impacts of this extend far beyond the issue of masks and have caused widespread harm and countless deaths.

The Poorest 20% of Americans Are Richer on Average Than Most Nations of Europe Living Standards in the U.S. Versus Other Countries

A groundbreaking study by Just Facts has discovered that after accounting for all income, charity, and non-cash welfare benefits like subsidized housing and Food Stamps—the poorest 20% of Americans consume more goods and services than the national averages for all people in most affluent countries.

Government Spending Government Spending

Given the scale and diversity of federal, state, and local government functions, it can be hard to grasp the big picture of how they spend taxpayer’s money. This gives politicians and activists ample opportunity to distort or distract from reality. Just Facts’ core research on government spending is a strong antidote to the baseless claims, half-truths, and outright falsehoods that plague debates about such matters.

Death Penalty Death Penalty

Societies have long used the death penalty as a punishment for heinous crimes, but in the modern era, many people would prefer to abandon it. Debate over such a life-or-death issue can be clouded by emotion, thus leaving people conflicted and confused. This research examines the death penalty from a factual perspective to help you develop a foundation of truth from which to form your views.

United Nations United Nations

In the wake of World War II, the United Nations was created to save future generations from the “scourge of war.” Over 70 years later, many people wonder whether it is a bloated bureaucracy or an effective mechanism for world peace and development. This research cuts through the rhetoric to provide you with the facts about the organization’s goals, structure, track record, and much more.

Freedom of Speech Freedom of Speech

Through much of recorded history, governments have used their power to suppress criticism of themselves. In stark contrast, one of the defining principles of the U.S. is that citizens have a right to criticize the government and to speak about virtually everything. Discover why this came to be and how it plays out in real life.

Population Population

Human population has tripled since 1950, adding 5 billion people to the planet. Some say this is very serious and must be corrected immediately to prevent a disaster. Others say all is well and there is nothing to fear. What do the facts say? Read on to find out how we got to this point, what the effects have been, and what the future might hold.

Racial Issues Racial Issues

On this emotionally charged subject where so many people have based their opinions on notions and prejudices, Just Facts has conducted thorough and extensive research to separate fiction from reality. The result is hundreds of facts that shed broad light on matters that could be uniting instead of dividing people.

Covid-19 Essential Facts About Covid-19

Given the spread of misinformation about Covid-19, Just Facts is providing a trove of rigorously documented facts about this disease and its impacts. These include some vital facts that have been absent or misreported in much of the media’s coverage of this issue. This research also includes a study to determine the deadliness of Covid-19 based on the most comprehensive available measure.

Unions Unions

Regardless of whether or not you belong to a union, they can have tangible and pronounced effects on you. Labor unions in private companies and government affect not only workers and managers but also product prices, tax levels, the general economy, and more. Learn how and why in Just Facts’ scrupulously documented trove of union facts.

Taxes Taxes

The U.S. tax system is so complicated that federal tax regulations now stretch for nearly 14,000 pages. But even if you studied every word of these, you still wouldn’t learn how taxes truly impact individuals, families, and businesses. For that, you’ll need Just Facts’ cutting-edge research on tax policy. For every major aspect of this issue, you’ll find clear, reliable, and rigorously documented facts here.

Pollution Pollution

How much pollution exists in our air, water, and land—and just how hazardous is it? Answers to these questions often vary across a wide range of extremes; some say there is no cause for concern, while others say we are in or on the verge of an environmental catastrophe. That is why Just Facts has conducted research to help you sort through the hyperbole that permeates this issue.

Healthcare Healthcare

Healthcare is a deeply personal matter, but it has increasingly become the public’s business by way of numerous laws and regulations. Furthermore, these laws and regulations have transformed healthcare into a complex and divisive issue. Thus, if you want to truly understand this vital subject, you will need a firm foundation of facts, which is exactly what this research provides.

Global Warming Global Warming

The issue of climate change has become a contentious minefield of claims and counterclaims, but Just Facts has diligently researched and sorted through this muddle to bring you the concrete facts of the matter. This research provides an abundance of credible information that transcends the half-truths that dominate this highly contested topic.

Social Security Social Security

Learn how Social Security operates, the state of its fiscal health, the scope of its benefits, the history of its tax increases, and much more through Just Facts’ latest research on this topic. As always, this eye-opening research is accompanied by the comprehensive documentation that separates Just Facts from typical news coverage.

Abortion Abortion

Abortion—the mere mention of this word stirs passions and controversy, but what are the concrete facts of this issue? What do the scientific disciplines tell us? Where do prominent politicians and organizations stand on this matter? More importantly, what are their records? Just Facts has amassed a wealth of meticulously documented facts to help you answer these questions.

Social Spending Social Spending

During the past century, government social programs—which provide healthcare, income security, education, nutrition, housing, and cultural services—have grown from a small portion of all government spending to the largest share of it. Explore striking facts that document the measures, trends, and history of these programs.

Constitution Constitution of the United States

The U.S. Constitution is the longest-standing written constitution of all nations in the world, and many other countries have copied its provisions into their constitutions. Learn how and why this ground-breaking document was developed and read it along with the Bill of Rights and all other amendments since the birth of the United States.


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