The Fact App

What is It?

The Fact App is a smart phone and internet application that expands your knowledge of important issues and allows you to share it with others. In less than a minute a day, this app empowers you with facts to help you make truly informed decisions.

Do you and your friends know the answers to these consequential and thought-provoking questions?

  • What portion of Americans go hungry?

  • What portion of the U.S. economy is consumed by government?

  • After fertilization, how long does it take a human heart to begin beating?

  • At the current homicide rate, what are the chances of being murdered?

  • Who pays a higher federal tax rate: the middle class or upper 1% of income earners?

With the Fact App, you will learn the answers to questions like these and many more. This is not about learning game show trivia but tangible facts that can help you to make vital decisions.


How it Works

Each weekday, the Fact App poses a question about a major issue facing society and then presents several possible answers. After you select one, the app will show the correct answer and a link to the supporting documentation.


The Fact App then makes it easy to share these questions/answers with your friends and colleagues through email, Facebook, or Twitter. It also allows you to add your own thoughts and comments.

The Fact App is available via iPhone, Android, and the internet.

For iPhone and Android users, the app automatically notifies you when new questions are published. Plus, the app will tell you what percentage of all questions you answer correctly and what percentage of all users answer each answer correctly. You can also scroll through all previous questions at your convenience.

For internet users, you can view the "Question of the Day" every weekday after 12 PM EST by visiting here. You can also scroll through all previous questions at your convenience.


If you would like the latest Fact App questions emailed to you about once per week, you can sign up here.


If you have a website or blog, you can easily embed the Fact App to engage and educate your readers. The app is flexible in width and height and can be embedded in a sidebar or the main content area of most any webpage. The background is white, and the graphic design is minimalist to make it look like an integral part of your site. We can also customize the colors for your website (to see an example, scroll down on the home page of Thinker Education).


The Fact App functions without any scripts or code that could interfere with your website. Moreover, the questions and answers will display entirely on your site, which means that your readers can use the app without leaving your site. If your readers would like to check the documentation for a certain answer or use the social sharing options, a pop-up will permit this, but your site will remain open, thus retaining your readers.

You can embed the Fact App on your website by clicking here.

If you have ideas about how we can modify or customize the app to better serve you, please feel free to contact us.


Information You Can Trust

The Fact App is a service of Just Facts, a non-profit institute dedicated to researching and publishing verifiable facts about public policy issues.

Research from Just Facts has been cited by hundreds of sources across a broad ideological spectrum, including major media outlets, universities, think tanks, prominent commentators, scholarly journals, and government entities at local, state and national levels.

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