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Maternal Mortality, Abortion, and Race

CBS News misled its viewers to believe that the U.S. has the highest maternal mortality rate of all wealthy nations and then deceitfully blamed a lack of abortions and an abundance of racism for this.

Shark Attacks & Climate Change

Contrary to NBC Nightly News, there is no scientific basis for the claim that climate change is causing shark attacks.

What They Aren’t Telling You About N95 Masks

Media outlets and governments are telling people to wear N95 masks without warning them of the serious dangers documented in scientific journals.

Energy Policies That Empower Tyranny

Until better technologies are invented, the “green energy” agenda enriches and empowers tyrannical regimes, making the world dependent on them.

Biden, Trump, Russia & Ukraine

Biden and Obama have repeatedly done Putin’s bidding, while media outlets, big tech companies, and government officials have suppressed facts that can leave Biden and others vulnerable to extortion and blackmail.

Climate Change & Hurricanes

CNN claims that global warming is supercharging hurricanes, but scientific facts show that the frequency, intensity, and duration of hurricanes have been level for as far back in time as reliable data extends.

Face Masks: Science v. Politics

As Democratic governors ditch mask mandates, CNN is attempting to rewrite history in ways that cover for the harm caused by those politicians, the CDC, the media, and big tech.


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