Notes of Appreciation

“I am a professional measurement scientist who worked for 25 years at the National Physical Laboratory, which is The United Kingdom’s National Measurement Standards Laboratory. I find your global warming research to be very balanced and clear.”

– Dr. David Robinson, Director, Psi–tran Ltd.


“The information you provide (breadth, depth and scope, format, content and detail) is nothing short of outstanding.”

– Paul Fleming, Retired Nuclear Power Operator & Safety Assurance Director


“You all are by far the best consistent resource to go to for understanding an issue.”

– Louis Hazard, Retired Registered Nurse for 38 Years


“I have cited your invaluable data in a couple of recent pieces. The information you post is obviously well-researched and documented. Not always the case these days! Thank you.”

– Larry Sand, President of the California Teachers Empowerment Network


“Your article ‘Crucial Facts About Covid-19’ is excellent and spot on. Thank you for the thoughtful analysis, as not many people understand the basic statistical measures that truly inform this issue.”

– Dr. Andrew Glen, Ph.D., West Point Professor Emeritus, Co-Creator of the Academic Field of Computational Probability


“Being scientifically minded, I have always prided myself on basing my morals and values on actual facts (with the data to back it up). After stumbling across Just Facts, I realized that I rarely had correct facts, much less ALL of the facts. This site has truly opened my eyes and changed the way I think about several topics. Thank you for your dedication to the truth; it’s refreshing and gives me hope.”

– Mandy Ditterline, Professional Photographer, Graphic Designer, and Mom of Five


“Just Facts, especially the page on global warming, was one of the most comprehensive, informative, and complete resources I could find. It delivers to-the-point and relevant information while abstaining from bias as much as possible. Just Facts has been a tremendous help and my main source of information for my research paper. Thank you for the excellent work!”

– Steven Ochoa, High School Student


“Just Facts is absolutely best fact-checking website on the entire planet. I think I have learned more from your site than the last 10–15 years of news reporting.”

– Aaron Levisay, Active Duty Military


“I have been critically following your site, and you have convinced me that your group is a truly objective rarity.”

– George Belcher, Retired Advertising Executive and Author


“As a Ph.D. graduate I think it’s very important to conduct your own unbiased research, but there simply isn’t enough time in the day to thoroughly research everything. Your website has been a great way for me to digest the unbiased information quickly and efficiently to draw my own conclusions. I have shared it with multiple friends and colleagues.”
– L.N., Ph.D., Biochemistry and Molecular Biology


“I really appreciate your unbiased website. Personally, I’ve noticed that many people I know are getting more and more fed up with political rhetoric and just want the facts. Keep up the great work!”
– Brian Fifer, Quality Assurance Representative

“With so many untruths, half-truths, and omissions of material information to properly inform the public, it is comforting to know “Just Facts” is, well, Just Facts!  Just Facts is one of our top ‘go to’s’ for primary sourced data, and it has saved us countless hours preparing for meetings.”

– Michael Doorley, Chair, U.S. National Debt Special Interest Group


“I have come to rely very heavily on your reports. I love reading the sources and gaining context. Every one of them has been clear, concise and extremely well documented.”

– Dave Ames, Retired Salesman


“I am grateful for and respect your perseverance and dedication in authoring Just Facts. It is very reassuring to know that there is one source that will fill in the blanks on public policy and unravel all the subterfuge.”

– M. Wagner, Farm Manager


“I absolutely love you guys. I wish we could force the entire country to read (and understand) every word of your research.”

– Dochtor D. Kennedy, Attorney


“I just wanted to say thank you for providing such a clear, objective and unbiased information outlet to help independent thinkers like me make decisions that matter. As a college student, it’s extremely difficult for me to research everything I want to form an opinion on, but it’s so great that you have so many resources compiled in one location on such a plethora of topics.”
– Daniel Gonzalez, College Student


“To teach a college course about critical and analytical thinking, I drew coverage comparisons for over 40 time-draining, online news media and five fact-checkers. Once enlightened, students would usually ask about which news media and fact-checkers were best. Frustration ensued when they were advised that none were cleanly objective and impartial. And only one fact-check source,, is worth anyone’s time.”
– Doug Wellumson, Educator, Lakeland College


“Your website is my main source for true information about public policy.”

– Ruthie Sonera, Revenue Accounting Analyst


“I am absolutely in love with and fascinated by your website and goals. With a background in mathematics, I am very analytical and skeptical of everything I read and hear. I’m happy to have discovered a place for objective and reasoned analysis.”

Michael E., Former Manufacturing CEO


“Thank you very much. This is an extraordinary resource.”

– Phil Brennan, Newsmax Columnist


“I write to you after having familiarized myself with the amazing amount of research you did in compiling statistics on gun control for your website Just Facts. I found it to be a stimulating, well–researched, and balanced look at a controversial subject.”

– Peter M., Owner of a Manhattan Publishing Company


“Very thorough and well-thought-out.”

– Harry Browne, Former Libertarian Party Candidate for President of the United States


“Thanks for the information on Social Security. It is unconditionally the most thorough explanation I’ve ever seen. It also cleared many of my own misconceptions.”

– John A., Management Consultant


“All I can say is ‘WOW.’ You compiled the information, removed bias and waste and the truth remains (good or bad). Thank you.”

– Laura S.


“I’m a student from Germany and I’d like to thank and to congratulate you to your fantastic site! It’s so important to have a source of independent and reliable information, statistics and figures.”

– Markus R.


“Your website is uncommonly articulate and filled with facts that truly matter. It’s quite a refreshing combination.”

– Robert S.


“I would like to thank you for all that you are doing through this website. Your information has helped me greatly, and I appreciate the effort that you go through to keep this as factual as possible. This standard shows that all information you present is above reproach. Thank you again, and keep up the good work!”

– Josh B.


“Hey! I think your site is awesome, especially in light of the fact that I’m writing my senior research paper on gun control. The information provided on your gun control site has been concise and straightforward, just what I need. The presentation is organized and awesome, perfect for a student doing an assignment similar to what I’m doing.”

– Tami


“Just Facts is one of my favorite resources for researching political issues.”

– Mitch M.


“I just want to thank you guys for providing such a valuable resource. I have used your information on gun control and taxes to great success in many debates and presentations.”

– M.L.P.


“I find the info you offer to be very enlightening and important. It is hard to find truth in all of the information which is out there, but this site has offered info and source documentation. Please do not stop what you are doing.”

– Vito D.

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